SOAFEE integration lab at Linaro

The SOAFEE Reference Implementation WG develops and maintains a software reference implementation (EWAOL) that represents the SOAFEE architecture and ensure its compliance using the SOAFEE test suite which is run on several platforms in the SOAFEE Integration Lab. The lab also allows other SOAFEE software implementations to be validated against the specification and ensure their compliance.
In addition, the SOAFEE Integration lab validates SOAFEE compliant software implementations against SOAFEE blueprints to showcase the value of SOAFEE in future Software Defined Vehicle(SDV) architectures.

Daily test results

Build: 2024-07-20 Status: Finished
The results from the last daily run can be seen below. Click on the badge for detailed results. Builds can be downloaded from the links below.
ItemAVAAVA (Xen)QEMU - Arm64 (TRS)RockPi4BSynquacerR-Car S4 Starter Kit
Soafee test suiteN/A
No results yet, tests are in progress:No results yet, tests are in progress.



Q1. What value does the SOAFEE integration lab provides?

SOAFEE members who join the integration lab, benefit from the following:

  • Support the development and regression detection of EWAOL (if available) on their HW platforms
  • Continued compliance monitoring via the SOAFEE compliance test suite
  • Ensure SOAFEE compliance of non-EWAOL OS builds (eg. AutoSD from RedHat)
  • Provide the needed CI to monitor and support SOAFEE blueprints development
Q2. What do I need to join the integration lab?

Requirements to join the lab can vary depending on the device, software and blueprints. Please contact us for details. In general, the requirements span the following:

  • Setup remote lab worker
  • Provide BSP for target HW platform (If not System Ready compliant)
  • Enable device automation in LAVA
  • Integrate CI results in current dashboards
Q2. How do I join the SOAFEE Integration lab?

Please contact the SOAFEE Reference Implementation WG chair for details.


If you would like to learn more or support and contribute to the SOAFEE project, please contact us.

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