SOAFEE Seminar

China - Presentation Materials

Here you’ll find the downloadable presentations from the SOAFEE Seminar held in China on May 9th 2024.

Arm-SOAFEE Technical Steering Committee Updates
AWS-Build a SOAFEE-based, cloud-native peer-to-peer development environment via Amazon Web Services
Volcano Engine-Cloud-Vehicle Computer Platform ——Open a new experience in the intelligent cockpit
Denso-SDV Challenges and Cloud-native System Design Approach
Panasonic-Enabling a Software-Defined Automotive Edge with VirtIO Based Device Virtualization
Hitachi Astemo-Internet of Vehicles Platform-Towards Value-First Development
LG Electronics-Progress of PICCOLO and Vision of SDV through PICCOLO
VicOne-Roadmap to Resilience-SDV cybersecurity challenges and opportunities
Black Sesame-Investigating Foundational Technologies for Cross-Domain Computing in Intelligent Vehicles
OpenSDV-Vehicle Native Operating System

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