SOAFEE Seminar

in APAC Presentation Materials

The 1st ever SOAFEE Seminar in APAC took a place in Tokyo on Sep. 21.

You can still find out hot topics presented in the seminar by downloading the presentation materials.

Arm: “SOAFEE SIG update and future plans”
Autoware Foundation: “Introduction to Autoware Open AD Kit”
AWS: “The Rise of Software-Defined Vehicles and Cloud-to-Vehicle Edge Parity”
Black Sesame Technologies: “The application of micro-kernel based operating system in cross-domain computing for intelligent vehicles”
DENSO: “System design and verification for Mixed-Criticality Systems in SDV”
LG Electronics: “Collaboration with SOAFEE for Vehicle Service Orchestration and Introduction of PICCOLO”
Linaro: “Accelerating SDV hardware and software interoperability with the SOAFEE integration lab”
Panasonic Automotive “Systems: Enabling a Software-Defined Automotive Edge with VirtIO based Device Virtualization”
Renesas “Electronics: Proposal of BSP driver standardization with System Ready”
ThunderSoft: “Cloud Native in Vehicle OS and AD+Cockpit Fusion Architecture”

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