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Founded in 1970, FUJI SOFT Inc. is an independent IT solution vendor with three business pillars: the "embedded control system field" for manufacturing industries like the automotive industry, the "business system field" that utilizes a wide range of technology fields and business knowledge, and the "product and service field" for proprietary product and solution development. In recent years, we have focused on seven key areas, including AutoMotive, AI, IoT, Security, Cloud, Robot, and Mobile, and we continue to challenge ourselves with a wide range of advanced technologies such as DX, 5G, Service Design, IT consulting, and global expansion. Our technology strategy of "DX+AIS-CRM+SD+(5)G2" aims to improve customer added value.

FUJI SOFT's clients, including OEM and Tier1 suppliers, are in need of new solutions to manage the increased complexity and size of software in cars and achieve Software Defined Vehicles (SDV).We believe that utilizing SOAFEE in car platforms is a viable option for achieving SDV and we have extensive experience in both cloud fields, such as IoT and serverless architecture, and in-vehicle systems like automotive platforms and functional safety and security. Our goal is to accelerate the dissemination of SDV by providing solutions that combine our expertise and SOAFEE.

If you would like to learn more or support and contribute to the SOAFEE project, please contact us.

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